Hunting Guides for Kodiak Bear & Other Big Game

Our Guides

We strive to put the best, most knowledgeable person with you in the field. Most of our guides are middle age, educated, and in good to excellent physical condition. Some of our younger ones, born and raised in Alaska, have been hunting and enjoying the great Alaskan outdoors since they were old enough to chew on moose meat. These guys will be the future of the guide industry. Like myself, my people are chosen because guiding is not just about the income, but also about your success. These boys put their heart and soul into their work. Many of these guys are twenty-plus-year guiding veterans.


Success does not just happen. In addition to having a good qualified man leading the charge, top of the line equipment and gear is a must. You must have good plentiful food and rest to endure the long days it sometimes takes to get that trophy of a lifetime. A dry place to sleep is a must. Our equipment is in new or good condition and no one, I mean no one, has ever complained about the amount or quality of food that we provide/outfit. Our spike camp meals are based on six days of real food and five days of freeze dried with a re-supply in between. Last, but not by any means least, is the involvement you, the client, put into your hunt. Staying healthy and in fit condition is a must. Don’t expect to run straight up mountains after sitting in front of a computer for six months. Physical preparation of some type is the first thing any hunter should plan on prior to any hunt. Your success is our primary concern and is what has kept us in the spotlight for the better part of fifty years. Your comfort, dietary concerns, wellbeing and needs are all taken into consideration well before your hunt ever starts. Special people have special needs and all of our clients are special. Many lifelong friendships are forged between our guides, our clients and us!


Behind most successful businesses you will almost always find one very hard workingwoman. My wife, Koreen, is no exception. She is almost always in the field as camp cook, den mother and nurse. In addition to all her other duties she sells licenses and tags for the State of Alaska. This is especially advantageous when hunting multiple species such as wolf or deer. When one animal is down and you haven’t filled that craving for the thrill of the chase, she is on hand to vend another tag for you. Often times a client will want to go fishing after his tag is full, and again, a fishing license is a pen stroke away.

Deposits / Reservations / Cancellations

All payments should be made payable to Gus Lamoureux. To secure a future hunt, a deposit of 25% of your total hunt cost is required. If securing this at a convention or sport show, $1,000.00 will hold your reservation for 30 days, after which time the remainder of your 25% deposit is due. If your entire 25% deposit is not received within 30 days the hunt will be re-sold and your deposit on account will be forfeited. The remaining balance will be paid as set forth on the statements we will send to you, with the final payment due 60 days prior to your arrival date. Upon request, a payment plan may be agreed upon. Any deviation from the agreed upon plan will constitute a breech of contract and cancellation of your hunt. YOUR HUNT WILL NOT COMMENCE UNTIL THE COMPLETE BALANCE IS PAID. We are no longer providing refunds for cancellations, but in some cases will re-schedule or accept the transference of your deposit to a family member or friend in your place.


All hunts include one guide per hunter (unless specified otherwise), professional field care of your trophy and shipping preparation. In addition we provide professional guiding judgment, companionship and dedication. I will arrange all charter flights to and from camp. At your request I will make hotel arrangements for you. With the exception of your personal equipment I provide all other necessities, i.e. boats, cots, pads, towels, food, lodging, etc. Sleeping bags are not provided please include one in your gear. All meals served in the main camps are prepared by a competent cook and served family style. Lunches for all day outings are also supplied. In spike camps your guide will serve as cook. Also incorporated in the price of your hunt is the payment of any federal and borough land use fees, and the Alaska Professional Hunters Association non-resident hunter preservation fund fee (150.00). Transportation between base and spike camps is included.


Hunting license and tags (We will incorporate these into your fees once we know if your are having us issue them or not.) •Personal gear and toiletries • Gratuities, (industry standard is 8 to10%)• Alcoholic beverages or sodas • Items needed to transport your trophy and/or meat home with you • Sleeping bag •Preparation or packaging of your meat. All air transportation to and from camp to city of departure. Firearms are not included, but we can make special arrangements to provide you a firearm if necessary.


All Airfare to/ from camp is the client's responsibility. Once you provide us with your itinerary we will make your charter reservations. The number of passengers on board divides the price of the charter; if you elect to arrive or depart on an unscheduled day, expect to pay the full charter rate. Be aware that escalating fuel costs can quickly change an air charter company’s rate. We try to arrange all charters so you can split the cost with the other clients traveling in/out at the same time, thus reducing your travel expenses, but this is not always possible.

Kodiak Island Hunts: You will need to make your travel arrangements from your home airport to the city of Kodiak on Kodiak Island, via Anchorage International Airport. Any travel agent can make these arrangements for you. Or, at your request, I can make your round trip reservation from Anchorage to Kodiak. From there, at your expense, we will set up the charter from Kodiak to/from our camp.

Alaska Peninsula Hunts: For these hunts you will need to make your travel arrangements from your home airport to the city of King Salmon on the Alaska Peninsula, via Anchorage International Airport. Any travel agent can make these arrangements for you, or, at your request, I can make your round trip reservation from Anchorage to King Salmon. From there, at your expense, we will set up the charter from King Salmon to/from our camp.


Gus Lamoureux will not be held responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury to participants or personal property, or for any cancellations, expenses or delays incurred as a result of weather, transportation or other conditions over which we have no control. Gus Lamoureux reserves the right to withdraw and/or cancel any excursion offered at any time and make changes and alterations in itinerary as may be found necessary for safety and proper handling of said excursions. All guests have the responsibility to disclose to Gus Lamoureux any special medical, physical or dietary conditions. We make no compromise to assure a safe trip; however, outdoor activities are not entirely "risk free". All rates are subject to change without notice.


A fee of $150.00 will be incorporated into your balance. This is paid out to the Alaska Professional Hunters Association’s, Non-Resident Hunting Preservation Fund. This fund provides for a proactive approach to many issues affecting hunting in Alaska. Our goal is to preserve hunting for all future generations. You will receive, in return for your fee; Association membership and magazine subscription for two years, Association patch, lapel pin and decal, and a custom designed conservation pin.

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